911 and the cover up (by Ryan Dawson)

Notes to the above videos are below.

It starts off like War by Deception in the first few minutes. There are major changes. For one its only on 911 and cut to 1hr 20.
I traced back the front companies hiring people for elevator repair and sprinkler system work in the WTC back to Israelis as well as more reporting on the Israeli movers how many pictures they took, their video before the first plane hit where they passed off the camera, who said what, what they were planning on doing after 9/11, what they were doing on 9/10 what they had on them, what they said to the polygraphers, and how their time lines not only doesn’t fit but damns them even more, also more live reports more witnesses, other Israelis bailed out of jail, witnesses murdered, where bush and Cheney were, FEMA’s screw ups/lies a lot of back ground on the so called hijackers and the over lapping of the CIA and Al Qaeda, new bit on flight 93, how investigators were blocked and then a break down of the conflicting interests of the whole 911 commission (I’ve down that before) and finally the missing money why 911 really happened and what the larger plan is.

I didn’t get into Iraq or anthrax etc at all that was to keep it far far shorter. This has the FBI and police reports on the Israelis by comparing with new paper and counting letters in the redacted versions I could deduce who said what and who didn’t say what until I had nearly a completely un-redacted report.

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