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Interview with Hamas terrorist Ahlam Tamimi

Terrorists come from all religions, races, and nations. The above video is illustrative of the terrorist mindset with regard to bringing harm to their perceived enemy. The elation associated with a successful attack can also be witnessed in documentaries of war and military combat engagement.

Acts of war or terrorism are generally out of desperation when diplomacy has failed. In some cases, the disenfranchised turn to violence because they feel they don’t have a voice or equal influence through normal democratic mechanisms.

Hamas terrorist Ahlam Tamimi was dealt 16 life sentences in Israeli prison before she was released in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal in October 2011. Tamimi masterminded the Sbarro Restaurant suicide bombing on August 9, 2011 which killed 16 Israelis and wounded 130. Promotion of the above video was viewed by some as propaganda to perpetuate a narrow demonized representation of Muslims.