Population Growth

  • Negative Population Growth. “Human population growth in the past century was three times the total growth from the origin of the species until 1900. Coupled with sharply rising levels of resource consumption and economic activity in the more prosperous nations, that growth has imposed unprecedented strains on the ecological systems that support us and other living things. It has led in many parts of the world to rising unemployment, intensifying water shortages, increasing competition for resources, and the specter of hunger… NPG (negative population growth) is the ideal of a turnaround in U.S. and world population growth until we approach less destructive and more tolerable levels, perhaps at numbers that were passed two or more generations ago…. To those ends, we promote concepts such as “the two-child family”, lowered rates of migration to the United States, and the development of conceptual systems such as the steady state economy.”
  • Pew Research Center and the 10 projections for the global population in 2050. “A new Pew Research Center report examines global public opinion on the challenges posed by aging populations and analyzes projections for the populations in the U.S. and in 22 other countries. Here are 10 major findings regarding the demographic future of the world’s population in 2050.” (3 Feb 2014)
  • Population Connection. “Since 1968, Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) has been America’s voice for population stabilization—we are the largest grassroots population organization in the United States! We have more than 300,000 members, supporters, and participating educators. Population Connection works to ensure that every woman around the world who wants to delay or end childbearing has access to the health services and contraceptive supplies she needs in order to do so.”
  • Population Institute and the 2050 Population Report. “The Population Institute is an international non-profit that educates policymakers and the public about population, and seeks to promote universal access to family planning information, education, and services. Through voluntary family planning, we strive to achieve a world population in balance with a healthy global environment and resource base.” (28 Jul 2010)

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